Terms & conditions

1 This Instrument here after referred to as the agreement executed between applicant and Heyday.
2 He /she entered Into this agreement as a distributor of Heyday products. Distributor is a separate independent entity and shall have no power of authority to incur any debt contracts obligations or to make any representation of any warranties on behalf of Heyday.
3 He/ she shall not be an employee or agent of Heyday or in partnership relationship with Heyday or any other labour relationship with Heyday.
4 He/she shall act as an independent vendor on his/her own name at his/her own responsibility and for his/her own account while purchasing and selling Heyday products.
5 He/she shall not sell any Heyday products for a price more than maximum retail price (MRP).
6 The distributor agrees that his/her decision has been made directly by him/her and not under any lnfluence. Before starting Heyday business he/she has read and understood all information given In this Joining form and company website he/she understood the products company sales and marketing plan rule or conduct and code of ethics. So he/he shall not be held liable for any lose 0 cost or claim of. liability arising from his/her activities as an distributor damage In any way to company and any other Heyday distributor.
7 He/she may terminate this agreement with in 30 days of such publication and he can refund his product In 30 days by giving a written notice to company. After that he can not do any complaint about company and company products and company commission structure. Distributors continued relationship with Heyday will be considered as an acceptance to all the amendments.
8 Heyday will deal exclusively with main applicant in respect of all business matters and will make all payments on account of return or refund bank transfer, account payee cheque drawn in favour of main applicant only.
9 There Is no yearly renewal needed for Heyday distributorship as long as the distributorship in active . active distributor means a distributor who has at least one personal purchase transaction In each calendar year.
10 He/she may terminate this agreement at any time by giving a written notice to Heyday.
11 He/she can not transfer this agreement nor any of the right or obligations arise out of it to anybody else without prior written consent of Heyday.
12 He/she shall sell and deliver the products to ultimate consumer ethically and professionally.
13 He/she shall be personally responsible for all kind of taxes viz. Income tax, sales tax, service tax or any other govt. dues levies or statutory liabilities arising due to any earnlng /income from Heyday Multitrading Pvt.Ltd.
14 He/she shall not use the Heyday's other distributor for benefit of another companies or to not engage directly In any activity or sell any other goods which are In same product categories as In Heyday.
15 He has applied for distributorship of Heyday products according to terms and conditions mentioned in this form and company website.
16 Heyday reserves the right to recover back any bonus paid to any distributor under the following circumstances.
a. Product returned under buy back policy.
b. Returned to any branch/franchisee under any applicable law
c. Stolen or obtained by illegal means.
17 Heyday reserves the full and absolute right, any point of time to with held or suspend distributors.In case of comply with the terms and conditions code of ethics rules and regulations sales and marketing plan.
18 The selling price (MRP) of any Heyday product Is determined by Heyday and no distributor shall be allowed to reduce or Increase the price Including by way of tempering with the selling price as affixed or decided by Heyday on the label or packing of the product breach of the regulation shall result in suspension or terminate of distributorship by Heyday.
19 Heyday reserves the right at any point of time to revise the selling price including point value of the product without any prior notice.
20 A distributor shall be held liable and responslbl e for false claims misrepresentation etc, about Heyday business, quality, quantity, content usage or benefits of products . all such acts shall lead to disciplinary action including suspension or termination of distributorship.
21 A distributor shall not sponsor any person by Improper ways such as:
a. Sponsoring a distributor who is already a distributor of another group.
b. Sponsoring the spouse of a person who Is already a distributor of another group.
22 Heyday reserves the right to take following actions if Improper sponsoring is proven to have occurred.
a. Distributorship shall be terminated with immediate effect. If the distributorship Is , terminated, all distributors who were improperly sponsored will be traosferrec to their original sponsors.
23 The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter in to contract as provided in the’India Contract Act’ .If the applicant had not completed 18 years age "minor detail"must filled by the parents/guardian of the applicant.....
24 He/she shall not be involved directly or Indirectly (Including by proxy) in any activities other direct sales companies or any other activities that will bring negative effects to Heyday, Heyday reserves the right to terminate any distributor who comrnits such offence.
25 No fee is charged to become Heyday product and business distributor.